Uniform policy

At De-Lucky Child and Palvis College, we believe that the wearing of a school uniform enables children to identify with their school, gives a sense of belonging, is practical, smart, reinforces a positive work ethos and reduces expenditure for parents/carers.


• All children wear the correct uniform to school.
• Children feel proud to belong in the school.
• Parents/carers share the expectations of the school.


• It is expected that the children wear the school uniform each day, with the appropriate footwear.
• Most items of uniform can be purchased from the school.
• If a child does not wear the correct uniform, a verbal or written reminder of our expectations will be communicated to the parents/carers.
• If a child continues to wear the incorrect uniform after a verbal or written reminder, the school reserves the right to suspend the child until the correct uniform can be worn.
• If a child arrives at school wearing inappropriate clothing which causes concern (e.g. unsuitable for the weather, too revealing, offensive/unsuitable slogans, etc.) then the parents will be contacted, and the child sent home.
• If a child does not wear their PE kit on stated P.E. days, a letter is sent home to the parents/carers and the child will be unable to take part in the lesson.
• Parents are asked to clearly label every item of school clothing with their child’s name.
• Children are responsible for taking care of their own items of uniform.
• Hair – Girls should wear their hair in cornrows. No braids, weave-on or attachments are allowed.
Boys should not grow an afro.
In the first instance, a letter will be sent home. If the child attends school the next day and the hair has not been changed, the school will contact the parents, and the child will not be allowed into class.

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